Our Culture and Community

We built The Hope Fair to introduce you to local artisans, designers and entrepreneurs.

Our original intention was to be a creative alternative shopping option for Bangkokians and raise money for an important cause, the Mercy Centre. Six years later our intention, like a seed, has sprouted and grown into something even more meaningful and relevant that we originally imagined. And it would not be possible without you, the amazing people who make up The Hope Fair community.

No mere market or event, The Hope Fair is a happy social occasion. You can always find  products to admire, conversation to share and genuine connections to make. We are grateful that such a beautiful diversity of visitors make it a point to attend the fair whenever its on. And we are always pleased to see groups of friends meeting up for an afternoon outing or after work shopping date at the fair. This is our community and we couldn’t be more proud.

The Hope Fair’s support to Charities

Total Amount donated: 1,100,000 THB & counting!

Staying true to our commitment to creating a new, positive cycle of commerce, The Hope Fair promises that part of every vendor’s participating fee is donated to the Mercy Centre.
The Mercy Centre is an organization that supports the underprivileged children and families of Klong Toey, one of Bangkok’s biggest slums. We are focused on supporting this community and The Mercy Centre’s good works.

Together, with your help, we are focused on supporting this community and The Mercy Center’s good works.

Since 2014, The Hope Fair, its vendors and shoppers, have contributed over 1 000 000 THB to the Mercy Centre. These funds go towards programs, initiatives and activities that support the children of Klong Toey. Together, we have repaired schools, provided tuition fees, and supported other important community projects. The global donation receipt for each event is posted on our Facebook page after the event. Please visit www.mercycentre.org to learn more about the Mercy Centre.
The Hope Fair features a Mercy Centre booth at every event. You are most welcome to bring along any donations such as gently-used clothing, household items, shoes, etc. These items will be directly distributed to Klong Toey families that are in need. Your contribution will make an impact in the lives of many underprivileged Families. The booth also provides information on Mercy Centre and the Hope Fair’s contributions.
Whether you’re interested in volunteering or making a donation, you can learn about several other charitable organizations besides the Mercy Centre. We are pleased to state that 10 other charities from around Thailand participate in The Hope Fair. These charities include Sop Moei Arts, Fatima Center, Lao Song Crafts, Roy Rak Creative, Second Chance, UNHCR Thailand, etc. Each of them offer a variety of quality products that are made by underprivileged groups and uplift communities in need.

Bangkok’s Conscious Shopping Community

It’s hard to rush through a visit at The Hope Fair so when you get here, do take your time. Stroll through the stalls and get to know the vendors who are eager to share their wares, tasty treats and knowledge with you. Each one of them and The Hope Fair team are delighted to meet you and show you around.

Your interest in conscious shopping experiences drives us to select vendors who share our values and offer quality products. We ensure that our vendors are committed to positive business practices, social awareness, green innovations, fair trade or charitable causes.

The items featured at The Hope Fair fulfill important consumer demands for goods that are designed and made with care. Consumers today want know that their products have a positive impact on the environment and/or local community. Whether it is natural, organic, antibiotic-free, grass-fed, sustainable production or fair trade, these requirements reflects the collective aspiration to build a better world. Our conscious shoppers want to nourish their bodies, protect wildlife, nurture the environment, and create a brighter future for the next generation. It is our delight to ensure their time and money is spent on vendors who align with those ideals.
Part of shopping consciously is shopping locally. This ensures that consumers’ spending goes towards supporting the local economy. As a Hope Fair shopper, your money goes directly to Bangkok’s entrepreneurs, independent businesses, and strengthening local employment. Like you, we believe it is important to consider the working conditions of those employed to produce the clothes or food you buy. Do those conditions meet international standards? Does the work pay a living wage? The Hope Fair believes that conscious shopping means purchasing fair trade or ethically-made goods because it provides a degree of protection and assurance for workers.
The Hope Fair believes in choosing products and packaging that reduces harmful effects on the environment. We encourage our visitors to reduce your own carbon footprint by bringing reusable bags, glass jars and containers to The Hope Fair. Conscious shopping also considers the welfare of animals throughout their life cycle. We value cruelty-free practices, grass-fed livestock that roam freely, hygienic conditions, avoiding harmful steroids or antibiotics, and providing every creature with a dignified end. The Hope Fair works to ensure these values are shared by all our participating vendors and partners.

We seek to support businesses and individuals who deeply consider the welfare of animals, the environment and the local community. It is our fondest wish that you always enjoy discovering interesting products and the wonderful individuals who provide them. Your support inspires us to continuously widen our community by bringing in new vendors.

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Our Partners


The Asia Pillars events gather CEOs, Heads of Departments, Business owners, and Experts in their fields for a relaxed evening of networking. At each event, 30 Pillars from different industries join us and are available for discussion. Each event gathers 100-150 C-Levels and top management. https://www.linkedin.com/company/asia-pillars/
Grâce à son réseau et ses activités, Bangkok Accueil vous accueille, vous accompagne dans vos premiers pas à Bangkok et vous aide à rencontrer les francophones de Bangkok. Bangkok Accueil est une association de droit français affiliée à la Fédération Internationale des Accueils Francophones à l’Etranger (FIAFE). Nous accueillons les nouveaux arrivants à Bangkok en leur facilitant l’installation. Une fois celle-ci terminée nous organisons de nombreuses rencontres à travers des sorties, des conférences , des ateliers-découvertes, des jeux de société, des soirées etc… La première impression que vous laisse une ville influence toujours votre vision à long terme. Notre but est de vous faire aimer dès les premiers jours le pays du sourire. https://www.bangkokaccueil.com/
Solidarity fund for French Micro-Entrepreneurs established in Thailand. Français du Monde Thaïlande ฟรองเซ่ดูมงด์-ประเทศไทย représente et défend les intérêts des français établis hors de France. Nous sommes à la fois une association de droit thaïlandais et représentons la section de Français du Monde, ADFE en Thaïlande. We seek to support businesses and individuals who deeply consider the welfare of animals, the environment and the local community. It is our fondest wish that you always enjoy discovering interesting products and the wonderful individuals who provide them. Your support inspires us to continuously widen our community by bringing in new vendors. https://www.fdm-thailande.org/
Boosting the Lives of Children through Education. IndoSmiles was founded to build a permanent pre-school for Laja Village, Flores Island, Indonesia. Despite the pandemic, the school has been completed in May 2021, and is since then welcoming the kids of the village daily and supporting their development, consolidating their future, and with it, the one of the community. https://www.linkedin.com/company/indosmiles/
Wasabih, the Business Community for the Halal Economy, helps professionals from around the globe connect, meet and do business with companies and professionals respectful of the universal Islamic values in the consumer experience and workplace, by organizing this tremendous and growing ecosystem on a website platform and mobile app (download Wasabih now on Play Store). The Halal Economy is not just about food. It is a way of life to build a society where business is fair, equitable and sustainable. Similar concepts we share at The Hope Fair. By joining Wasabih and the Halal economy, we can reach more than 2 billion Muslims on the planet. Also, Wasabih is FREE. There are no fees to join, participate, launch your business profile and start promoting your goods and/or services. Benefits include: connect and grow your business with like-minded professionals be informed of professional Halal events around the world join groups to share your expertise and thoughts, and benefit from others’ join The Hope Fair group on Wasabih and be informed of the next events and exclusive news have your business featured in a Spotlight post (shared on Wasabih, and Wasabih social media pages – Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn), a possibility of a 30-minute interview about your business; the recording will be live-broadcasted on LinkedIn and Facebook https://wasabih.com/
WE-Brand is a women-led initiative aiming to promote the growth of women’s entrepreneurship development in Thailand. One element of this initiative is its brand, which is represented by a logo that renders women-led businesses visible. More and more buyers are looking to diversify their pool of suppliers and are looking for women-led businesses to purchase from and buying local. WE-Brand‘s logo identifies your business as a ‘women-led business’ for consumers and for procurement officers. To be a member – get the logo! It’s simple, and FREE – just sign up here for WE-Brand and then download the logo of your choice from this link. Add it on your website and marketing materials. Benefits include: adding value to your brand as you will get more traction from supporters of gender equality raising awareness about women-led business to promote an environment of entrepreneurship for women accessing a community of women-led businesses in Bangkok awareness-raising, sharing of guidance, information and resources for women entrepreneurs