The Hope Fair offers you the opportunity to expand your customer database, promote your brand and make authentic connections with your target audience.

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To participate in our events, you first need to register with us by sending an email to with the following information: – The name of your company, telephone number and registered address – A copy of your company tax ID registration or a copy of your Thai ID card (for Thai citi-zens only) – A link to your website or blog, Facebook page or another social media platform. Alterna-tively, you may also provide a few pictures and a short description of your brand, product or service.
Once you have registered and officially selected to participate in an event, you will receive an invitation for that specific event which will include the following details: date, location, rates, and key information about the venue. If you wish to confirm your participation, please follow the instructions in the invitation email. If you cannot participate in that specific event you can inform us and we will stop sending updates on that event. However, you will remain registered with us which means you will receive updates and invitations to future events.
The Hope Fair supports underprivileged children in the Klong Toey slums of Bangkok through the Mercy Centre: The vendors’ donation to the Mercy Centre is included in the booth rental rate. As such, all vendors donate automatically. We do not ask for a share of your sales revenue made during our events. The Mercy Center has a booth at every event and all attendees are invited to bring dona-tions. Your contributions will make an impact in the lives of many underprivileged families. The booth provides information about the Mercy Centre, its projects and The Hope Fair’s involvement. You are welcome to speak them directly and learn about the on-going projects you are supporting by participating The Hope Fair.
– All vendors must have provided a copy of their Company Tax ID registration or a copy of their Thai ID card in the case of Thai citizens. – All vendors are asked to promote the event to the best of their ability, email blasts, social networks, at schools, relevant associations, etc. – All vendors are requested to organize the display of their booth in an esthetic manner and to respect the space allocated. – Tables and location will be pre-assigned, change of table or location is not permitted. – If you require electricity, please bring your own extension cable. – Dispose of your waste in the provided bins, do not leave any waste at your table or area. – All food must be pre-cooked and packed. There is no live cooking on site. – No smoking, vaping or emitting strong odors. – Vendors must use equipment that does not leave a residue or visual stains after use. – A protective covering must be placed on the floor for any booth offering food & bever-age. – Please be aware that we reserve the right to apply a cleaning surcharge of 5000 baht per booth if conditions warrant it. – Loading and unloading is not permitted at the entrance of the Hotel. Please follow the instructions provided in the email prior to the start of the event. – Absolutely nothing can be mounted, glued, taped, hung or tacked on the walls. – All payments made are non-refundable and non-transferable. – The sale of counterfeit trademarked goods, firearms, weapons, illegal fireworks, explo-sive materials, flammable materials and pornographic materials are strictly forbidden.

The Hope Fair started in 2014 and we have succesfully hosted quite a few events since….

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